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DynCorp International
Last updated: 2/22/2018
DynCorp International
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Company Information
DynCorp International
1700 Old Meadow Road
22102  United States
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  William Imbrie
  George Krivo
  Aviation: Rotary, Aviation Logistics and Maintenance, Base Support and Logistics, Construction, Ground Transportation and Logistics, Intelligence Services and Analysis, Language Services and Interpretation, Logistics, Freight and Supply, Medical Support Services, Security, Security Sector Reform, Training
Company Description
  DynCorp International is a multifaceted, global enterprise that provides innovative solutions to the diverse technology and professional services needs of government and commercial industry worldwide. DynCorp is a highly successful provider of critical support to military and civilian government institutions, and also have important commercial business in aviation, infrastructure development, security and logistics.

Core Values

We Serve – willingly in all locations and conditions.

We Care – for the safety, security, development, and well-being of our employees.

We Empower – our employees to succeed in a culture based on trust, respect, loyalty, and commitment.

We Perform – with a relentless commitment to exceeding expectations.

We Do the Right Thing – always, for our customers, employees, and those we serve.


DynCorp International LLC has its origins with two companies formed in 1946 — Land-Air, Inc., and California Eastern Airways.

Land-Air, Inc., which became the predecessor to DynCorp International's Maintenance and Technical Support Services (MTSS) Division, reached a major milestone in 1951, when it was awarded the first Contract Field Teams (CFT) contract by the Air Force Logistics Command (AFLC). Contract field teams provide mission support and depot-level repair to U.S. military aircraft and weapons systems worldwide. DynCorp International and its predecessors have provided services under the CFT program continuously since being awarded that first contract.

Also in 1951, Land-Air, Inc. was acquired by California Eastern Airways, Inc. (later California Eastern Aviation, Inc.). In 1962, California Eastern Aviation, Inc., changed its name to Dynalectron Corporation, and in 1987, Dynalectron changed its name to DynCorp.

In 1998, DynCorp established DynCorp Technical Services, Inc. (DTS), and transferred its existing aerospace and international-division business—including contracts later held by DynCorp International—to the new DTS subsidiary.

In December 2000, DynCorp formed DynCorp International LLC, and transferred to it all of its international business. DynCorp Technical Services LLC continued to perform DynCorp’s domestic contracts.

In March 2003, DynCorp and its subsidiaries were acquired by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). DynCorp remained the parent of its existing subsidiaries, including DTS and DynCorp International LLC, and CSC became their ultimate parent.
In 2004, CSC made a strategic decision to divest itself of its non-core businesses, including security and aviation services. As part of that decision, CSC transferred its aviation services business segment into a separate CSC subsidiary, DTS Aviation Services. The U.S. Government approved the transfer of government prime contracts that were part of this business to DTS Aviation Services on September 30, 2004.

On December 12, 2004, DynCorp and CSC entered into an agreement to sell DynCorp International LLC, including its subsidiaries Dyn Marine Services LLC and DTS Aviation Services LLC, to DI Acquisition Corp, an affiliate of Veritas Capital Management. The sale closed on February 11, 2005, and the purchaser was renamed DynCorp International Inc. DynCorp International Inc. is the corporate parent of DynCorp International LLC.

On April 12, 2010, DynCorp International and private investment firm Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. announced a proposed merger, which was completed on July 7, 2010. As a result of the merger, DynCorp International became a private, wholly-owned subsidiary of entities created by affiliates of Cerberus.

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